A New Parent’s Guide To Helping Out

You must discharge your duty to the highest possible degree – make sure the mother is happy at the end of the shower and knows that her future kid will have the best aunts and uncles around. You must be new to this whole thing – to having a child to look after, to having a spouse that is vaguely annoyed all the time and tired from breastfeeding, to having to break your sleep constantly to rock your kid back to sleep in the dead of night, being a new parent must be overwhelming. There is plenty of literature out there for new mothers, but you, the other parent, probably feel helpless and clueless at some point. Well, this article is for you. Read on for a few tips on how to make yourself feel useful.

Buy Important Things

Something your spouse will not tell you is that she is unable to buy what she needs for your kid – she will not do this because she may feel that a “good mom” shops for her kids on her own and she may also feel that you will not know what to buy if you go. This is your problem – educate yourself and make it a point to buy the baby formula for newborns for your child.

Buy good quality pampers, buy good quality food containers as well. If you find you don’t have time to physically go shopping, you can always do this online. Your partner will be grateful if you purchase the toddler milk that she would want your kid to have. If that still hasn’t been decided, it is a good chance for you to feel useful – research on local brands, look at nutrition and health factors and provide options and make decisions about these things.

Take Initiative

If your kid is somewhat grown and can be looked after by a sitter, schedule a qualified and trusted sitter to come over and look after your kid for a few hours while you and your partner take a break. Studies have shown that this is important for your kid as well as you and your partner, so don’t hesitate to organize this. You can also arrange playdates for your kid with other kids from his or her kindergarten class – this helps with the socialization aspect of the kids and also helps you make connections and find allies in the world where your child is concerned. If you have time and if your partner looks like she needs some time for herself, offer to take the child off her hands for a little while – take them out for a walk or to somewhere special. This helps you bond with your kid as well as gives your partner a time-out that she so desperately needed but was too reluctant to tell you. At the end of the day, it isn’t what makes you a good parent or spouse that you should worry about. At this stage, you need to look to your partner and child and put them first; do little things to make a difference where it counts.